Highland Quattro colours

Highland Quattro

Remanufacturing essential Audi Ur Quattro parts that are no longer available

Sunroof seal part number: 855877297
Water deflector part number: 811819099A
Right side air duct part number: 857121282E

Rear hub part number: 857501653
Water deflector part number: 811819099B
Left side air duct part number: 811121283C

More parts coming in 2018/2019.

Highland Quattro remanufacture parts that are essential to keeping the Ur quattro on the road no matter the weather. We can supply a selection of new and used parts for the Audi Ur Quattro including the quattro coupe/ coupe 80 /90 type 81/85. Read more about us ...

We know these cars because we work on our own cars, maintaining and repairing them.

We can assist in getting parts remanufactured and brought to market.

Highland Quattro is ideally situated for the North Coast 500, a true testing ground for these iconic cars. A road where you can test your car’s agility, pace and power, enjoying all the four seasons in one day.

Highland Quattro colours