Highland Quattro colours

About Us

Highland Quattro started out with the realisation that some of the essential parts needed for the Ur Quattro were simply not available. In order for these cars to be taken out in all weathers we knew water deflectors were essential to stop rain entering the car. From there we realised that the sunroof seal was an even bigger issue that needed addressing. We went back to the drawing board and designed and remanufactured the only EPDM replacement seal on the market that actually fits and works for the Ur Quattro. From our core products we have looked at what owners need and from there we continue to develop replacement parts that match or exceed OEM standards and design.

Our Product of the Year 2018: Sunroof seal replacement for part no. 855 877 297

Our sunroof seal will fit all three variants of the ur quattro, WR, MB and RR and other Audi models.

The reviews for this product rate it 5 out of 5 with comments “perfect fit”, “excellent product” LD, “fits like a glove” RK, “my sunroof closes” and “seal fits perfectly into the roof” TC, “ very happy” ARD.

Highland Quattro colours